Jason Lozano (USA)

Freedom Christian Center

Freedom Christian Center
South Whittier/Santa Fe Springs
Pastors Jason and Liz are senior pastors of Freedom Christian Center, in South Whittier and Santa Fe Springs. Pastor Jason’s story will leave you speechless. While high on LSD, he attended a Christian concert, became instantly sober and found a relationship with Jesus! Leaving his world of drug dealing and manufacturing with the Mexican mafia, Jason went straight into rehab and began to pursue the call of God on his life.

Their church is a beacon of hope to the lost and destitute in the underprivileged communities of LA, with many finding freedom and power to overcome addiction. Spiritual development and discipleship is the key focus of Pastor Jason’s ministry. His desire is to see the character of Christ formed in every individual.

In addition to local outreach efforts, Pastors Jason and Liz reach a global audience through Trinity Broadcasting Network Salsa, ministering to over 15 million homes, eight times per week.

You will absolutely love Pastor Jason’s powerful, practical and creative messages this year at Avant-Garde Young Adults Conference.

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