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Chris & Ericia Estrada (USA)

Christ For The Nations Institute, Texas

Chris and Erica Estrada’s ministry extends across the globe. As well as having been missionaries in Sri Lanka, and building a large Youth and Young Adults Ministry in Texas they have raised and released dozens of church pastors into ministry through their leadership development school and mentoring program which people attend from all over the world. 

We are excited to have Chris and Erica Estrada in Australia together for the first time. Erica and Chris have a proven and accurate prophetic voice releasing young adults into new levels of faith. You are going to love this dynamic duo at Avant-Garde Young Adults Conference this year.

Click here to hear a message from Pastor Chris Estrada from Avant-Garde Young Adults Conference last year.


Jason Lozano (USA)

Freedom Christian Center, South Whittier/Santa Fe Springs

Pastors Jason and Liz are senior pastors of Freedom Christian Centre, in South Whittier and Santa Fe Springs. Pastor Jason’s story will leave you speechless. While high on LSD, he attended a Christian concert, became instantly sober and found a relationship with Jesus! Leaving his world of drug dealing and manufacturing with the Mexican mafia, Jason went straight into rehab and began to pursue the call of God on his life. 

You will absolutely love Pastor Jason’s powerful, practical and creative messages this year at Avant-Garde Young Adults Conference. 

Click here to hear a message from Pastor Jason Lozano.


James Macpherson (AUS)

Calvary Christian Church, QLD

James is passionate about helping Christians to intelligently explore their faith. James recognises that in an age where Christians and their beliefs are increasingly characterised as nonsensical and even dangerous, it is imperative that we intelligently answer the myriad of problems our world is facing with the truth and grace that is found in Jesus Christ.

James is well known for his preaching which combines humor and sharp observation on the human condition with a keen insight in to the Word of God.

Click here to listen to a message from Pastor James Macpherson from Avant-Garde Young Adults Conference last year.